Innovation is “New ways to create and capture new essay writing service value”

We at Vasudha believe in Sustainnovations, which is “The creation and capture of new value for a range of stakeholders across the value chain that improves the way people and business choose to use and reuse resources, whether man made or natural to meet their needs, forever..” 

Sustainability is “Meeting the needs of the present without compromising the ability of write my paper future generations to meet their own needs forever” 

–  Brundtland Commission

Vision, Mission, Values & Beliefs

Sustainability is garnering increasingly greater debate in India and rest of the world. It is becoming a center point for legislative and regulative agenda, attracting mass media attention, concern of citizens and rallying point for environmental activist.

We at Vasudha see Sustainability as beneficial to governments, citizens and profitable for industries and companies. Discussion on long term value and profitability of sustainability tends to be overlooked, while direct and short term cost is given undue relevance.

We Vasudha and its brand Greenworks are here to work with all stakeholders to reveal the beneficial and profitable view of sustainability.

Innovation adds value to sustainability and we are committed to innovation as a day to day strategy, thereby creating value for the society, industries, governments, non government organizations and individuals.

Challenges like climate change, carbon and water footprint, land usage conflicts, excessive depletion of resources, famine, food wastage, pollution, poverty of food and energy can be definitely conquered through sustainability and innovation, or “sustainnovations”.

We at Vasudha believe it and so will you !


  • A vibrant company, Vasudha is focused on sustainable, green, clean solutions
  • Rich experience, consulting resources and a strong team, driven by values of sustainability and inclusive growth
  • State-of-the-art scientific resources, technologies and management models , which delivers quick, timely and cost-effective services to clients, using customised solutions philosophy
  • Environment- friendly products and services from us that would add to the reputation, goodwill, image and equity of your respective organizations

Sustainability is not something new on this Earth. Practices across the world show and prove that mankind has been able to balance consumption and repletion of resources. But in last three four decades due to advancement of productivity tools and population, the balance has been tilted against sustainable ways of growth.

Recent increase in conflicts across the world over resources has led to a rethink on our growth model and many countries, organizations and individuals have started working on sustainable growth, so that need of the mankind is balanced with nature and need of future generations and other species on the Earth.

Greenworks, a brand of Vasudha is focused on comprehensive solutions for making organizations sustainable through cost effective Innovative advisory and solutions. Greenworks repertoire consists of renewable energy, energy efficiency, water solutions, air quality and productivity, green buildings and customized industrial solutions.

A recent MIT-BCG* report clearly and emphatically points out that interests of businesses and needs of rest of the society are not conflicting, rather sustainability is a  driver of profits through enhanced brand image hence pricing power, cost savings through resource optimization and increased operational efficiencies . Sustainability as a core strategy of a company also supports in new market entry through, new sources of revenue and increased market share through customer loyalty. It also reduces risk premiums through lower market and operational risks, greater and easier access to capital and lower cost of capital.

A few of the companies embedding sustainability in their strategy are Walmart, P&G, Shell, Ikea, BASF,TATA, GE, Toyota, IBM.

So sustainability has a case for your increasing your benefits. Sustainability includes profitability.

Greenworks supports you in implementing sustainability through innovative practices and products.Its Advantage You !

Our Greenworks team consists of experts in the field of sustainability, Green buildings, energy, water and air.

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 Defined in simple terms biodegradability is breakage of any material by micro organisms in air, water or soil.

Vasudha’s  Biodegradable Plastics:

  • Very long shelf life is the biggest advantage for our customers, as compared to our competitors, where shelf life varies between 3 months to 15 months with high supply chain and storage costs
  • Methods and Standards approved internationally and Ministry of Environment & Forests, Government of India, 2016
  • Tested under strict ISO 15985/ASTM 5511 ( Biodegradibility) & 17008:2008 ( Compostability)  methods
  • Tested also for food grade by CIPET, India and USFDA
  • Tested for Non Toxicity under OECD #207 ( Soil and Earthworms ), OECD # 208 ( Plants )
  • Start biodegrading/Composting under solid waste, like landfill or Industrial composting facilities
  • No toxic leftovers or heavy metals’ residue, unlike other degradable plastics or degradable substitutes like recycled products
  • No change in processes or physical and chemical properties
  • Clean cities , environment and safe children & animals
  • Less of garbage dump and landfill waste with plastic waste management solution
  • Our Biodegradable Plastics and additives users preempt government legislations and regulations, avoid financial losses, serve environment and brand themselves sustainable and green.


Pranay Kumar
Founder and CEO of two companies , Vasudhaecofriends Projects and Asma Energy, with Sustainable Innovations and Renewable Energy as main objectives respectively.
Puneet Soni
An adventure loving serial entrepreneur, seeking mission I am possible at Corporate, Social & Personal Levels.
Chetan Shukla
Chief Sustainability Expert in Greenworks Chetan has more than 20 years of experience in a wide repertoire of sustainability projects, from waste water , water treatment and hydraulics to waste management and health.


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We at Vasudha believe in Sustainnovations, which is “The creation and capture of new value for a range of stakeholders across the value chain that improves the way people and business choose to use and reuse resources, whether man made or natural to meet their needs, forever..”